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The financial services industry is faced with unprecedented economic, competitive, and regulatory challenges. Customers in this digital era expect a seamless, integrated experience across their preferred channels. Narrower spread, mounting risk requirements, and regulatory compliance continues to put pressure on profitability. Emerging competitors are gaining market share as they address customer demands with disruptive business models and innovative technology. This massive transition presents both tremendous challenges and exciting opportunities.

Paige Pierce works principally with small to midsize firms as they aim to redesign themselves, transform amidst uncertainty, and strive for growth. As you rethink how to strategically differentiate yourself in the marketplace, win the most critical competitive battles, sustain long-term results or even transform your model from brokerage to advisory or exit ownership and become an OSJ of another firm, PPC can help you achieve your desired results.


There is a big difference between Change and Transformation, but many leaders don’t realize that the two are not the same. And while we’ve actually come a long way in learning how to manage change, we continue to struggle with transformation.

Change management work focuses on execution. Transformation, however, doesn’t focus on a few discrete, well-defined shifts, but rather on a portfolio of initiatives, which are interdependent or intersecting. More importantly, the overall goal of transformation is not just to execute a defined change, but to reinvent the organization and discover a new or revised business model based on a vision for the future.

Paige Pierce Consulting has a depth of expertise in turning transformation-related challenges into extraordinary successes.

regulatory compliance

Over the past decade a series of regulatory developments have conspired to redefine the compliance landscape, causing a spike in the related budget and staffing needs of financial firms. The way firms manage their compliance efforts has drastically changed and will require constant review as financial market reform continues to gain momentum. The trend to increase regulatory reporting and compliance-related requirements is on the rise and the time and effort involved in complying with those regulations has overwhelmed most small to mid-size firms.

Companies have a strong incentive to try to preempt any possible enforcement action by putting in place, early and decisively, a strong compliance program. Paige Pierce has a deep expertise in the area of regulatory compliance, so whether you need help augmenting your compliance program, with exam support, review and response assistance, documentation drafting and refinement work, or liaising with the regulators, she can help.


In our increasingly digital world, human beings are still your most important investment, your greatest advantage and the secret to your brand. It is time to move beyond saying that talent is an organization’s most important asset. Instead, organizations need to behave in ways that recognize the strategic importance of talent, and make strategy decisions based on their ability to attract, train, manage and retain talented people. 

interim leadership

Losing a valued employee is disappointing and can have a deleterious effect on an organization.  Losing a leader, however, can lead to serious adverse outcomes for a business and much of the impact is determined by the response of management to the loss. Paige Pierce is an experienced leader who can step in at a moment's notice, provide immediate stability while helping to advance your organization forward.

regulatory + legislative affairs

Regulators have more power than ever to change the competitive landscape in the financial-services industry. From routine rule making to oversight to enforcement actions, regulators can render a financial product uneconomical, undercut go-to-market strategies, and cause firms to completely reassess the businesses in which they compete. Historically, firms have been reactive, treating changing regulations primarily as issues of control and compliance, not of strategy. But in our experience, in today’s climate, firms must forge a stronger link between regulatory strategy and business strategy.

Paige Pierce has spent the past 25 years working with various regulatory agencies and has well-established relationships and a reputation for effective advocacy for constituents/clients. She is passionate about making a difference for her clients and the industry in whole, so pick up the phone and give PPC a call.

startup + small business marketplace

The startup and small business marketplace is still a new and fierce frontier that requires expert advice from experienced people who are deeply entrenched in the particulars of these types of ventures. We will help you start, grow, or transform your small to mid-size business by providing strategies that have clear execution and built-in problem-solving contingencies.

I’ve not only founded, run, and successfully exited a number of companies, having gone through all of the inherent challenges of each of those stages, but I have an ongoing passion for working with entrepreneurs; it is in my blood. Waking up at 2:00 am practicing your pitch to an important client? Wondering how you are going to make payroll? Creating the spark for your next innovation? Yep, I've been there. My holistic approach is based on my background and hard-won expertise, let me help you avoid the land mines and position you for growth.