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House Financial Services Committee - Members + Contact Information



Member     Party-State-District    Phone Number    Staff Contact     Staff Title    Staff Email

Jeb Hensarling, Chairman    R-TX-05    202-225-3484  James Redfield    Senior Leg. Assistant

Maxine Waters, Ranking Member     D-CA-43    202-225-2201 Jason Powell    Legislative Director

Patrick T. McHenry, Vice Chair     R-NC-10    202-225-2576  Matt Mulder    Legislative Director

French Hill    R-AR-02    202-225-2506  BILL SPONSOR  Chip Bartlett    Senior Leg. Assistant

Kyrsten Sinema    D-AZ-09    202-225-9888 Michael Wong    Senior Leg. Assistant

Brad Sherman    D-CA-30    202-225-5911  Lauren Wolman    Legislative Director

Edward R. Royce    R-CA-39    202-225-4111 Peter Freeman    Deputy Chief of Staff

Juan Vargas    D-CA-51    202-225-8045  Scott Hinkle    Legislative Director

Scott Tipton    R-CO-03    202-225-4761  Evan Williams    Legislative Assistant

Ed Perlmutter    D-CO-07    202-225-2645  Colin Anonsen    Legislative Assistant

James A. Himes    D-CT-04    202-225-5541  Rachel Kelly    Deputy Chief of Staff

David Scott    D-GA-13    202-225-2939   Tanner Daniel    Senior Leg. Assistant

Bill Posey    R-FL-08    202-225-3671   Valentina Valenta    Legislative Director

Charlie Crist    D-FL-13    202-225-5961 Chris Fisher    Legislative Director

Dennis A. Ross    R-FL-15    202-225-1252  Tim Wilt    Senior Leg. Analyst

Barry Loudermilk    R-GA-11    202-225-2931  Colin Carr    Legislative Director

Bill Foster    D-IL-11    202-225-3515  Scott Shewcraft    Legislative Director

Randy Hultgren    R-IL-14    202-225-2976  Bill Hulse    Financial Policy Adviser

Luke Messer    R-IN-06    202-225-3021  Ashley Gutwein    Senior Counsel

Trey Hollingsworth    R-IN-09    202-225-5315  Julia Tishman    Legislative Assistant

Andy Barr    R-KY-06    202-225-4706   Liz Minneman    Legislative Director

Michael Capuano    D-MA-07    202-225-5111  Gira Bose    Legislative Counsel

Stephen F. Lynch    D-MA-08    202-225-8273  Jackie Cahan    Legislative Counsel

John K. Delaney    D-MD-06    202-225-2721   Eric May    Legislative Assistant

Bruce Poliquin    R-ME-02    202-225-6306  Philip Swartzfager    Legislative Director

Bill Huizenga    R-MI-02    202-225-4401  Palmer Rafferty    Legislative Director

Daniel T. Kildee    D-MI-05    202-225-3611  Alison Share    Legislative Counsel

Dave A. Trott    R-MI-11    202-225-8171  Bridget Dobyan    Legislative Director

Keith Ellison    D-MN-05    202-225-4755  Abby Schanfield    Legislative Assistant

Tom Emmer    R-MN-06    202-225-2331  Chris Maneval    Legislative Director

Lacy Clay    D-MO-01    202-225-2406   Per'Re Smalls    Legislative Aide

Ann Wagner    R-MO-02    202-225-1621  Rachel Wagley    Legislative Director

Blaine Luetkemeyer    R-MO-03    202-225-2956  Lucas West    Legislative Director

Emanuel Cleaver    D-MO-05    202-225-4535  Christina Mahoney    Legislative Director

Robert Pittenger    R-NC-09    202-225-1976   Kelsey Griswold    Legislative Director

Ted Budd    R-NC-13    202-225-4531  Tyler Haymore    Legislative Assistant

Thomas MacArthur    R-NJ-03    202-225-4765  Justin Durbin    Senior Leg. Assistant

Josh Gottheimer    D-NJ-05    202-225-4465  Zach Eckstein    Legislative Aide

Stevan Pearce     R-NM-02    202-225-2365  Patrick Cuff    Chief of Staff

Ruben J. Kihuen    D-NV-04    202-225-9894  Karlee Tebbutt    Chief of Staff

Lee M. Zeldin    R-NY-01    202-225-3826  Kevin Dowling    Legislative Director

Peter T. King    R-NY-02    202-225-7896  Tim Ursprung    Legislative Assistant

Gregory Meeks    D-NY-05    202-225-3461  Ernie Jolly    Deputy Chief of Staff

Nydia M. Velázquez    D-NY-07    202-225-2361  Rick Erkel    Financial Svs Counselor

Carolyn B. Maloney    D-NY-12    202-225-7944   Ben Harney    Counsel

Claudia Tenney    R-NY-22    202-225-3665  Ryan Rusbuldt    Legislative Director

Joyce Beatty    D-OH-03    202-225-4324  Scott Farnin    Financial Svs. Counsel

Warren Davidson    R-OH-08    202-225-6205  Ron Hammond    Legislative Assistant

Steve Stivers    R-OH-15    202-225-2015  Mark Gilbride    Deputy Leg. Director

Frank D. Lucas    R-OK-03    202-225-5565  Christian Dibblee    Legislative Assistant

Keith J. Rothfus    R-PA-12    202-225-2065  Craig Kemper    Legislative Counsel

David Kustoff    R-TN-08    202-225-4714   Justin Melvin    Legislative Director

Al Green    D-TX-09    202-225-7508   Amena Ross    Chief of Staff

Vicente Gonzalez    D-TX-15    202-225-2531    BILL CO-SPONSOR   Fred Castro    Legislative Counsel

Roger Williams    R-TX-25    202-225-9896  Patrick Arlantico    Legislative Director

Mia Love    R-UT-04    202-225-3011 Stefanie Dearie    Legislative Director

Denny Heck    D-WA-10    202-225-9740  Brendan Woodbury    Legislative Director

Gwen Moore    D-WI-04    202-225-4572  Sean Gard    Chief of Staff

Sean P. Duffy    R-WI-07    202-225-3365  Ryan McCormack    Legislative Director

Alex  Mooney    R-WV-02    202-225-2711  Scott Rausch    Legislative Director

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