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Paige Pierce Consulting began with Paige Pierce. From the depth and breadth of her leadership experience, to her genuine connection with people, as well as her ability to see what others don't, Paige has the rare ability to easily navigate between the macro and micro elements of every aspect of each project. With expertise in the financial services industry and regulatory & legislative affairs serving as her foundation, along with vast experience with start-ups and turn-arounds, Paige is uniquely qualified to assist a wide array of business owners and leadership teams with their next challenge/opportunity.

Paige is an experienced entrepreneur who loves working with owners and leaders to facilitate better decision making in relationship to People (talent, culture, engagement), Strategy (vision, strategy, influence, execution), and Performance (position and process (re)engineering, operational excellence, results). She believes that what makes a business thrive is a combination of engaged people, values and vision-driven strategy, and superior performance-driving processes.

Pierce Consulting doesn't claim to be all things to all clients, if what you want are reams of paper and endless analysis then Paige is not the consultant for you. Her focus is on helping clients excel in the role of creating a purpose-driven vision and strategy for their organization, really connecting with their employees, obsessing over their customers and the promises they make to them, creating a culture of compliance, and ultimately driving results through attention to detail and a focus on excellence at all levels of the organization. The energy that sets Paige apart comes from how much she cares about her clients and work, her passion, smarts, dedication, and that she defines her success by your results, both personal and professional. 

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Paige Pierce

Paige W. Pierce brings over 20 years of senior level investment industry experience with small firms and major corporate entities in the North American capital markets to her regulatory and business development work for Larimer Capital Corp. She has extensive trading and sales, regulatory compliance, operational, financial control, business and product development, as well as strategic partner development experience both domestically and internationally.

She is known as a leader of leaders who has made a difference across industries by helping influencers focus first on seeing their landscape in ways no one else can, keeping their eye trained on employee/customer/market needs, and creating the most effective strategy to capitalize on opportunities. Ms. Pierce has owned, operated, and performed every function in the organization of broker-dealers during her career. She’s played principal roles in multiple startups, guiding them to profitable exits, and realized equal success turning around under-performing organizations and helping growing concerns figure out “What’s next?” She further acts as Trial Strategist for client respondent firms/individuals in enforcement cases.

On the regulatory and legislative front, Ms. Pierce spent the better part of 20 years advocating on behalf of small firms with purpose and passion, working to advance regulatory and legislative understanding of this important segment of financial services and the challenges they face. Currently, she is leading the effort in Washington, DC working with Congress, the SEC, PCAOB and FINRA, amongst others, to obtain exemptive relief for small, non-public, non-custodial brokers and dealers from PCAOB audits and was recently elected to the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) Board of Governors (2018-2021).

As an advocate for small businesses, Ms. Pierce has been invited to the Federal Reserve, offices of Congressional legislators, the Securities and Exchange Commission, FINRA and other regulatory agencies and has been included in important policy discussions along the way. She was the first IDB representative in many FINRA groups, including the National Adjudicatory Council, Fixed Income Committee, and Small Firm Advisory Board, the latter as elected Chair in 2017.

Ms. Pierce also organized previously siloed firms, contributing actively to professional organizations and co-founding the BMA/SIFMA Municipal Securities Broker’s Broker Committee, the Municipal Bond Information Service company, and the Bond Dealers of America Small Firm Division. She has built unique and lasting relationships through the course of her career.

Ms. Pierce is an active member of YPO (Young President’s Organization) and an Honorary Commander and Falcon with the 388th FW out of Hill Air Force Base in Utah, supporting the airmen/women who serve our great country.